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  1. Brother David Shalom. Yahuah bless you and increase you in knowledge. I have a question with regards to Hell. is it Roman invented? what is your view on universal salvation? is the lake of fire an age lasting fire or everlasting? thought ill get some info on this subject on your page. please give your biblical opinion. thanks

    • Shalom Brother Daniel 🙂 I think that purgatory and burning in hell forever are Roman inventions. I believe that the lost will be raised up and judged, and then thrown into the lake of fire to die a second death.

      I don’t believe that the lost will burn in hell forever. I don’t believe in universal reconciliation where everyone is saved, as if that’s true then Messiah died in vain. I simply think that the lost will cease to exist, and the saved will live on with our Heavenly Father and Messiah.

      Someday I’ll write a study about it, with the verses that I’ve found.

      What are your thoughts about that?

      May Yahuah bless and you keep you!

      • Shalom Brother, very solid points, thats how ive understood it for a while now. My only issue is those that will seize to exist. I dont think if Messiah Yahusha Saves all at the end of the ages will mean His death is in vein. i think they will also die a second death and be purified in the lake of fire. I think that will show Yahuahs fullness of Love. will be waiting on your full study on that. Shalom.

        • Shalom Daniel. I think that if people knew that they would be redeemed in the end, then they would know that they could serve the god of this world, and seek after money, and kill, steal and destroy; and though they would have to endure some purification in the lake of fire, they would be saved; and have the best of both worlds.

          Why would Elohim and Messiah want to spend eternity with people who rejected them and served themselves and the enemy? I just don’t see it. Shalom.

          • If Yah truly left a impression on them; in the long run how could they be happy serving the god of this world? How could they gain any long term satisfaction with money, stealing, and destruction or anything else this world could offer? It is my hope that all will be purified and saved after being freed from whatever bounded them to a less than fully meaningfully existence. Why would the Messiah want anyone to perish? Rather; I think he is longing to see everyone redeemed and purified from the mental prisons that trapped them from a less than ideal life and enter into a relationship with Yah. With that being said; I don’t want to be so vocal with my hope. Rather it is important to call out for repentance and change; else at best more time and (likely emotion distress) would be needed for purification. Nonetheless; this is my hope. It is difficult for me to see Yah waste anything that can be redeemed.

  2. Shalom Brother David ,
    I have been reading your posts on here. You have shared The Truth. Praise Yahuah.
    Could you please share some of the scriptures which have been twisted by the protestant churches , and share the correct meaning of those Scriptures according to HIS TRUTH. Please share about The Trinity , so that I can have a better understanding , than what I was taught. Many scriptures have been diluted , twisted and corrupted from its original content. I was glad to see that you actually read our mails and are ready to answer our queries, and help us to seek after HIS TRUTH. Thank You.
    Praise Yahuah.

  3. Hey David, do you have an image showing a bunch of the pope quotes throughout history of them declaring that salvation only comes through the Catholic church/ popes. That I just listened to on one of your short audio files., I think that would be a great way to show its position as anti Christ throughout history.


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