The New Testament Unveiled – Part 7 from Scott Shoob of Beit Tefillah Productions

Scott Shoob of Beit Tefillah Productions, has now declared that the Messiah and New Testament are fictitious, as he denies that there is Scriptural justification for a Messiah.

Here is his Part 7 – The Veil Is GONE video:

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Here’s a summary page of what Scott Shoob taught in this video series, which proves that what he is teaching is false.

Scott Shoob Of Beit Tefillah Proclaims That The Messiah Of The New Testament Is Fictitious

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2 thoughts on “The New Testament Unveiled – Part 7 from Scott Shoob of Beit Tefillah Productions”

  1. Iam a 70 year old male from South Africa. I have been a Christian all my live but i was always wondering about the Bible. Because why are there two Testaments written which are so different from each other. My father was a Freemason and he also told us some other stories about the whole Bible. Thank you very much for this series and the way that you present it. It is a eye opener for me and i am no longer feeling alone .


    • Wollie, I posted this video series, to help people see that what Scott Shoob about Messiah is false.

      I understand what you’re saying, that the old and new testament can seem different. The Israelites were commanded to obey Torah, and they disobeyed so much that the Father had to send the Babylonians, the Assyrians and the Romans; to desolate their temple, city and people.

      Messiah was sent to show us how to obey the Torah out of love, and to write the Torah on our hearts and minds. Messiah did away with the many rules of the Jewish leaders, which are not of Torah.

      He raised the bar on obedience to Torah, proclaiming that if you hate someone, you are guilty of murder; and if you lust after someone, you are guilty of adultery.

      ‘Christianity’ has created the great separation between the old and new testament; proclaiming that the Torah was done away with, and that we live by grace; replacing the Holy Feast Days with Christmas and Easter; replacing the Sabbath; etc.

      Most Christians are following the teachings of Rome, but the set-apart saints are following Scripture and following Torah; and there is no difference between the old and new testament, just the difference between looking forward to the promised Messiah and looking back on that event.


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