The New Testament Unveiled – Part 1 from Scott Shoob of Beit Tefillah Productions

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Scott Shoob of Beit Tefillah Productions, has now declared that the Messiah and New Testament are fictitious, as he denies that there is Scriptural justification for a Messiah.

Here is his PART 1 – Did YHWH TELL US About a Coming Messiah? video.

Yes, YHUH DID TELL US about a coming Messiah though the Hebrew alphabet which contains the Gospel story; through the Gospel In The Stars, which have proclaimed the story of the redemption of man through the Messiah, since creation; and in Daniel 9:25-27, which told us exactly when the Messiah would start His ministry, and when He would die for our sins.  

Click on the following link to read the explanation:

Scott Shoob Of Beit Tefillah Proclaims That The Messiah Of The New Testament Is Fictitious