Scott Shoob WHY We Have Come To DENY the Christian Messiah Video

Scott Shoob of Beit Tefillah Productions, has now declared that the Messiah and New Testament are fictitious, as he denies that there is Scriptural justification for a Messiah.

Here is Scott Shoob’s ‘WHY We Have Come To DENY the Christian “Messiah” – A Statement’ video.

Just listen to his tone, and look at his demeanor. He always seems annoyed.

We are not commanded to worship Messiah; we are commanded to worship Yahuah.

That said, Messiah is the exact representation of the Father, He is our Redeemer through His blood sacrifice, and He is our Intercessor to the Father; so we hold Him in high esteem as our High Priest.

Scott made the assertion that people who believe in the Messiah of Scripture, are like those who worshiped the golden calf.

But Scott has denied the promised Messiah, the one that Daniel 9:25-27 foretold; whose blood sacrifice ended the need for temple sacrifices.

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Here’s a summary page of what Scott Shoob taught in this video series, which proves that what he is teaching is false.

Scott Shoob Of Beit Tefillah Proclaims That The Messiah Of The New Testament Is Fictitious

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  1. Well, what about where jesus says before the foundation of the world “I AM”. I would have to say that’s another diety. And replacement theology Dare you to post this.


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