Nathan Roberts of FlatEarthDoctrine Mocks Yahuah’s Torah

Nathan Roberts of FlatEarthDoctrine posted the following false teaching on Facebook.  

Flat earther Nathan Roberts posted this video called “Torah, Torah, Torah…” on his FlatEarthDoctrine Facebook page:

Wow!  Now Nathan Roberts is mocking the Torah of YHUH!

Flat earther Rob Skiba wrote an article in response to Nathan Roberts’ FlatEarthDoctrine video, called ‘Torah, Torah, Torah – What happens when antinomians try to interpret Scripture?’  Here’s the intro:

[sigh] So, I just watched Nathan Robert’s latest video titled, Torah, Torah, Torah.  Seeing as he has become a disciple of Dean Odle, this should actually come as no surprise to anyone. But it’s not just Dean. This, unfortunately, is the doctrine taught by 99.9% of the church today. So, I’m not singling these guys out. It’s an epidemic and most Christians today are infected by it.

Most Christians are antinomians who will loudly rebuke any suggestion of {gasp} actually doing what YHWH told us to do {i.e. obey His commandments}, while angrily declaring: “WE ONLY HAVE TWO COMMANDMENTS! The commandments of Ja-hee-zus-ah are all that matter now!” What are these two commandments? Love God with all your heart, soul and mind and love your neighbor.

While they typically disregard the latter by always going psycho on those of us who are actually trying to walk these out (calling us “false prophets” and “heretics” and “deceivers” peddling “another Gospel” and other such slanderous, derogatory nonsense), they likewise completely ignore what it actually means to “love God.” So, in an effort to help these people out, I submit the following for careful consideration.

You can read all of it on Rob Skiba’s facebook page, here’s the link:

Read Flat Earther Nathan Roberts of DEBUNKED!

p.s. here’s Nathan Roberts response to Rob Skiba’s article:

Just a “few” false accusations (Exodus 20:16) here, and some of my thoughts:

1) I am NOT a disciple of Dean Odle. But, if I were, he’s not a bad pick at all.

2) I am NOT hyper-grace. In fact, anyone who knows me, knows I am NOT for Once Saved Always Saved (OSAS). See merely 1 Timothy 4:1, John 8:31, and Hebrews 10:26. Rob Skiba, are you? According to this, yes you are And, according to you, Rob, one must keep Torah (Mosaic Law) to prove their love for God. So, the questions that I’d love answers to: Are those Christians who refuse to keep Mosaic Law (thereby, per Rob, a Lawless One per Matthew 7:23), were they never saved to begin with? Hence, until I, or every other Christian does Mosaic Law, is their faith in Jesus Christ unproven?

Rob – I love you, and, hope Jesus Christ and the gospel (what he did for us on the cross, and resurrection) above ALL things is brought into focus. And, I am sure we can agree, that the gospel message on the Flat Earth is more important than Flat Earth itself.

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